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Max Makarochkin

Before starting Blinkloader, Max was a founding engineer at Skylight, acquired by Common Living in 2016. The winner of Topcoder Hackathon 2014 in San Francisco. Learned a lot by failing with his first web analytics company Attractor and working at Toptal. Enjoys Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit.

Yarik Bratashchuk

A Golang enthusiast and a happy father, living in the world of terminals and lambda functions. With an extensive background in math and physics, Yarik enjoys finding elegant solutions to tricky problems. Turning ideas into reality is his life motto. He makes sure that all the computational magic happens according to the plan.

Ana Korshun

After a long journey in cultural studies and management science, Ana realized that code speaks louder than words. Since that time her major areas of focus are Vim, React, and Tachyons. She leads our frontend efforts, taking care of the user experience. Likes yoga and travelling.

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